Bird's Crystal Jelly #10001
Aimer's Coffee #10002
Rowntree's Jellies #10008
These signs are 12" x 16", and are made of heavy gauge steel that has been coated in enamel to make them weather-proof. They are then printed with a very special machine. Up until now, you could only get these signs from the original manufacturer in England, but now they are available through us, and made in the USA. They come baged in a Crystal clear bag, so they look good. Don't confuse these steel signs with the cheaper quality tin signs that are available everywhere. Our signs are built to last, and they weigh a little over a pound each!

All signs except the licensed surfing images are $8.40/ea in quantities of 10 - 39 of mixed styles. Orders from 40 to 200 pieces are $7.75/ea. The surfing signs are $9.00/ea in quantities under 100 mixed styles. They all typically retail for $19.95 - $29.95, depending on your market. Call for larger quantity pricing. We will soon have the entire collection of sign styles available on line. This is just a sample to show you the incredible quality. You will not be disappointed! Style categories include Cars, Ships, Airplanes, Racing, Food, Rock & Roll, Surfing, Beaches, Candies, Drugs, Liquor ads, and more. Many styles are very Nostalgic, and some are contemporary. Just call us for more info. Thanks!

Nostalgic Steel/Enameled Signs
Rowntree's Chocolate #10013
Cadbury's Cocoa #10014
Ocean Insurance Co. #10103
Wahine Mangos #5001
Board Meeting #5002
Let's Go Surfing #5005
Longboarders #5011